Kananga Community Health Africa Foundation alongside the Ministry of Health started using the Kazinga Digital Health Tool.

Kazinga Community Health Digital Tool empowers Community Health Workers with adequate information to educate, diagnose, treat and refer communities.

With the Kazinga Digital Health Tool, we have empowered over 2,000 Community Health Workers, individuals, and communities with information to enable them to own their health. Through this effort, we have reached over 5,000,000 people with primary health care services together with the Community Health Workers using Kazinga Community Health Digital Tool. Good health starts with, and is created by individuals, their families, and their communities, and is supported, where necessary, by the skills, knowledge, and technology of the health workforce. We have empowered communities with knowledge in disease prevention, danger signs, and health-seeking behaviors putting them in the driver’s seat for maintaining their own health and that of theirs.

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